Tuesday, January 1, 2008


This blog will serve as a chronicle for my Picts of the Hooded Crow wargames army. The army draws inspiration from Robert E. Howard, British history, and Roman propoganda. As such it should not be taken as a commentary on the real Picts (about whom we know very little in any case) this is Fantasy.

The army is composed of 28mm figures, mostly Old Glory with a few Foundry mixed in. I will likely be adding some Gripping Beast and others to the mix as time goes on.

Current plans are for a mini-campaign in Arthurian Britain using Warhammer Ancient Battles: Age of Arthur supplement.

Battle reports may well feature other rules and other eras as well.

Look for updates and pictures on painting, modeling etc.


tradgardmastare said...

Great to have you onboard with us- I look forward to reading much more....

Frankfurter said...

Now, where in the Pictish Wilderness are your warbands hunting?
If it's far enough south, might they be willing to hire out to warlords in a more "civilized" district?
I could use them when raiding Zingara ...