Friday, January 4, 2008

Dog Day Afternoon

I have completed the next unit in the warband. 12 savage hounds ready to bay forth on the track of their enemies.

The actual use of warhounds in battle is debatable at best. The primary source seems to be Bernard Cornwell. Be that as it may they look ferocious and are fun on the wargames table. Certainly the Picts are known to have employed large hounds for hunting, and it is quite possible that these hounds participated in skirmishes if not full scale battles.

After a search for suitable dogs I settled on the Vendel Miniatures mastifs, for those who prefer the look of Irish wolfhounds those are available from Gripping Beast. Vendel offer a total of 12 varients. Five leaping, running and attacking with collars, the same five without collars, and a two pack of one lying and one sitting, both with collars. These dogs are quite large.

When it came to painting them I had no hesitation at all. I had previously painted a quartet of GW mastif like wardogs for Mordheim in brown and black, but for these I went for an image out of Welsh mythology. No less source than the Mabinogion. My hounds are painted as the Cwn Annwn. They are creamy white with red ears and green eyes. These are the fearsome hounds that accompany Arawn Lord of the Underworld on the Wild Hunt.

The unusual colouring makes the dogs stand out while still looking realistic.

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